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Mass produced rotomoulded prefab bulbs
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1. This house consists of 2 main pieces: one transparent bulb and one series of functional layers

2. The layers are: 1. solar panel layer; 1 water container solar heating layer; 1. cooling layer.

3. By rotating the layers, you create different sets of functionality.

4. Size of the bulb: 6 metres diametre and 3 metres high. Surface area is around 27m² (290ft²). Not big, but it beats many studio's and flats in Tokyo or HongKong.

5. If mass produced it should be dirtcheap.

6. Lightweight, can be transported by helicopter and dropped.

7. Could be made of bioplastics.

8. Comes with a free iPod.

I made a drawing of it. You can find it in the link.

django, Mar 24 2006

MeinHaus® http://i3.photobuck...diesel/meinhaus.jpg
You can see how the layers slide over each other [django, Mar 24 2006]

Blender http://blender.org/cms/Home.2.0.html
Good open source 3d engine [django, Mar 26 2006]


       Pardon me for my ignorance, but what exactly does this -Ah... pretty picture!
dbmag9, Mar 24 2006

       do you live in it? Do you build a house out of these? Do you use it for energy-efficient moodlighting?
sninctown, Mar 25 2006

       Woah. Nice. Bun.
froglet, Mar 25 2006

       I'll take, oh I don't know, 300 of them, please. Trying to start up my cult on a budget, you know.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 25 2006

       Oh, and here's my payment- one pre-made bun.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 25 2006

       with costomized colors
madfishsam, Mar 26 2006

       "MeinHaus" would be better "mit zwei Katzen" in the yard for marketing to the generation of baby-boomers who still recall Crosby,Stills & Nash affectionately and might be in the market for a second or third vacation home on a small piece of land.   

       However, since each of these MeinHaus-pods are only 28.26 square metres in area, or approximately 304.19 square feet, you might want to work on ways to make the pods interconnect to form larger structures, while still providing all the rotating layer functionality.
jurist, Mar 26 2006

       Nice illustration. I have Got to learn to do that.   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal], it is very easy: download Blender, it's free and open source, read the small handbook that goes with it (only a few pages and you're up and running), and off you go. For Blender, see link.
django, Mar 26 2006

       I could see this as a giant Rubik's house.
RayfordSteele, Mar 26 2006

       Thank you [django].   


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