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micro-local time zone

Set any conditions needed.
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Automation can control lighting of a home and theatrical staging technology is in the millions of dollars. With a hermetically sealed home, any room can stage any time of day necessary.

Lighting and high definition screens can emulate the outside. Controlled isotope emitters can emulate the feel of a full sunny day, down to some of the unique particles traveling through us. Pressure pumps and gas an moisture balancing equipment can control the atmosphere.

I don't see why technology can't create that unique feel of time of day well enough to confuse anyone. Perfect for shift workers. And with daylight showering, person following drones, who would know the difference. Isn't there a theory for a shadow touch?

Although, gravity might be a problem if a crazy view of the moon is needed.

I think it is time to add a few more letters to S.T.P.

wjt, Jun 22 2019

Inspirational light Plasma_20Skylight
Why settle for just a view [wjt, Jun 22 2019]


       The glass was a bit blurry.   

       Any house can do a local time zone with off the shelf programmable lighting, just not with the number of variables I 'm proposing. Those copper isotopes are going to have to be replenished a bit too often.Of course the room will have to be lead lined to block interfering daytime particles.
wjt, Jun 23 2019


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