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phone call alert while driving

the caller will know you are driving
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fasten the seat belt, start the engine, long press the '0' key on your mobile phone and it activates your phone to 'driving mode'...what does it mean?....anyone calling you will get to hear a automated message ''the person you are trying to reach is currently driving, he/she is aware of your call and they will get back to you shortly''...meanwhile the call recipient can see a 'missed call' from the caller when they check it...the phone will not even light up if a call/message is received...just to avoid diverting the attention from driving...
ravi kris334, Jul 16 2011


       In something like the iPhone, this might be bakable into an automatic app. If the accelerometer detects that the phone has accelerated past, let's say, 10mph, it automatically switches to 'driving alert' mode. When it slows down, it switches back. That saves the user having to remember to switch it off when they get out of the car.
Alterother, Jul 17 2011

       Off-topic, but I was once pulled over while driving my deuce-and-a-1/2 with ear plugs in (the bright orange safety kind, the officer saw them while I was putting them in at a stop light). After I re-started the engine and revved it for him, he agreed that I wouldn't be able to hear anything anyway and let me go w/o a warning (M35 trucks don't have mufflers). So, yes, I've seen that law enforced, but not effectively.
Alterother, Jul 17 2011

       There are some local laws against loud stereos/excessively loud aftermarket exhausts. My town has one, with some pretty serious fines (I get away with driving my truck around town because A) it never had a muffler to begin with and B) when you hear my truck coming it means something's broken and I'm on my way to fix it, and up here you don't screw around with the guy who knows how to fix stuff). Then again, we're a tiny little town way up in the mountains and we can pretty much pass any law we want because nobody's looking.
Alterother, Jul 17 2011

       Not that I'm aware of. You have a point, as I believe I conceded in your recent post. Or did I? I forget. Anyway, excessive internal environtment noise can be just as obstructive as earbuds or phones, but having to install a decible meter inside your vehicle is a little too Orwellian to be feasible.   

       Sorry, I just realized that this anno really belongs in the other post. But I'll leave it here because I'm a rebel and a non-comformist. Yeah...
Alterother, Jul 18 2011


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