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police chase

use device to change light
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Police chases kill innocent people at intersections. Why not use the remote control "thingy" that changes the stoplight's color that fire departments use? As the chase gets near an intersection the officer up front changes the light to where the chaser and chasee would have the right of way. It would not save everyone, but if I was at a light, I would more like to be rearended than t-boned as I innocently go through an intersection.
foureyed29, Aug 31 2001

Emergency Light Remote http://www.halfbake...cy_20Light_20Remote
Same idea for non-police vehicles. [ConsultingDetective, Oct 04 2004]

The MIRT http://www.themirt.com/
Here you go. [ConsultingDetective, Oct 04 2004]


       Usually chases are going so fast that by the time the changer is in range, they're already partway through it. Better might be to change all the lights to red, to keep people from moving. <turning corners across the chase's path, etc>.
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       Following StarChaser's anno, I wonder if it might be worthwhile in certain locations having special traffic lights that would shut down in all directions and display a "Police Emergency do not proceed" sign just to make sure drivers got the message. But I'm not sure where you'd need them.
pottedstu, Jun 02 2002

       Probably somewhere near a road, I'm guessing.
bristolz, Jun 02 2002

       Not a bad idea, 'stu; could be as simple as a blue light. Or an LED sign, like some railroad crossings have.
StarChaser, Jun 03 2002

       The hopefully next sheriff in my area wants to make a “stop all chases in one-mile” policy. Not your typical stop as in cease chasing. But as in all cop cars having brush guards on them and ramming the cars in to the ditch. This would be helpful in ending the chase before it gets to high traffic areas. This wouldn’t work in big cities where there are people on the sidewalks, but here in the mountains it would be great.   

       Combine this with your idea and you could really save lives.
SunTzu, Apr 09 2003

       Heck, why risk the lives of the police with ramming - let's arm them with rocket-propelled grenades!
DrCurry, Apr 09 2003

       [flaming effigy of Alf] even more scary if you were kidnapped inside the trunk of the chased car.
PauloSargaco, Mar 25 2004


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