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Magazine Faces

Bizarre faces on the back covers of magazines
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I noticed someone reading a magazine with some celebrity or model's head on the back cover, so when looked at from a certain angle it kind of looked like the model's head had replaced their's.

I thought it would be amusing to photograph people making stupid faces and print them in actual size on the back covers of magazines, so that when a person holds the magazine up in front of themselves, everyone else sees a hideous face sticking its tongue out at them.

It would obviously be a joke and not very realistic, but it would add a little bit of humor to an otherwise dull day.

rgovostes, Oct 24 2003

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       Which mag best for this? Not "Harvard Law Review Letters" : ) : / :o : Q
popbottle, Jun 07 2014

       //everyone else sees a hideous face sticking its tongue out at them.//   

       I live in East Anglia, so this would be redundant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 07 2014


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