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magazine niftypage

piece of tape applied to a magazine page near the center causes the magazine to usually open to that page giving editors a new mopst read article as well as an opportunity to get more advertising revenue
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You pick up a magazine, it falls open to the most read article as a result of material bending.

Now publishers can guide the reader to a preferred page with a piece of transparent tape applied to the center at the area of suggested reading, the casual reader is measurably more present at that article improving communication as well as generating greater advertising revenue. This could also improve revenue of catalogs.

Note covers n inside cover pages sometimes earn 7 to 10 times the ad revenue as these have been measured as having higher visitation compared with any particular middle area.

beanangel, Mar 12 2012


       If this made but a little less sense, I'd forward that [beanangel] has switched brains with our dear Borg. I'm not sure who'd come out the better of that deal.
Alterother, Mar 12 2012




       //dear borg//?
po, Mar 13 2012

       //dear borg//   

       Well, uncompetitively priced, anyway.   

       re. the advertising revenue - it would be a zero-sum game. You would make the other inside pages correspondingly less-visited.   

       Damn, did that really need spelling out?
pertinax, Mar 13 2012

       This effect is oft achieved in women's magazines by including a ketchup sachet like, eh, sachet of whatever pseudoscientific face paste they're looking to shift.
calum, Mar 13 2012

       //dear borg//?   

       They're dear to me. Arch-nemeses of that caliber are hard to find.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       //Arch-nemeses of that caliber are hard to find// Have you considered using a sabot?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2012

       They're not THAT difficult to locate. See the [Nemesis Man] and [Arch Enemy Matchmaker Service] ideas.   

       Or ask [dbmag9] and [notmarkflynn] for assistance.
normzone, Mar 13 2012

       ////dear borg// ?//   

       Ah, a mistype I beleive. You meant to say "deer borg" - and yes, I wouldn't be surprised if that miscreant had degenerated to the point of beastiality.
Custardguts, Mar 13 2012

       // Have you considered using a sabot? //   

       _Considered?!_ Man, I'm running low on 'em!   

       I know about the enemy-finding posts. I gleefully annoed some of them. I just don't know if you all realize how much fun [8th] and I have hating each other. So much, in fact, that we've taken it beyond the forum and exchange much of our vitriol via email now.   

       Don't talk to me about deer. Or do, if you want to sit through a pointless diatribe that rivals the Borgs' insane combined despicion of cats, horses, and the inscrutable contents of ladies' handbags.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       //pseudoscientific face paste // got it in one m'dear. that pseudoscientific advertising rubbish really gets on my nerves. aquatechnology being an example.
po, Mar 14 2012

       notmarkflynn, another example of time machine usage to steal my stupid false name idea before I had a chance to use it first. Egads.   

       >we've taken it beyond the forum and exchange much of our vitriol via email now.   

       Can you put us on the CC list?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 14 2012

       BCC list for me please. I wanna watch but I don't want any to splash on me.
AusCan531, Mar 14 2012

       // Can you put us on the CC list? //   

       Sadly, I cannot, but only because it would entail revealing [The Alterother]'s true identity. If it pleases you, however, I will endeavor to bring some of the petty, childish bickering back to the HB. I'm sure my counterpart will readily agree to such an arrangement.
Alterother, Mar 14 2012


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