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Magazine: Subscribers' Copy

Without the stupid "subscribe now" cards
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Publishers do know that a particular copy goes to me, since they print my address right on the front page, so they could also _not_ include the subscription cards in that copy.

Instead, there could be "what else do you want us to write about" cards, and the "subscribe now" ones appearing again only in the 2 or 3 issues at the end of the subscription period.

xipetotec, Apr 23 2007


       a headache for the printers that is just not worth the hassle!?
po, Apr 23 2007

       And leave them littering the table of your favorite coffee shop.   

       First thing I do with a magazine is go through it and cut these out. I also take out any page that is solid ads on both sides. I can reduce a magazine by 30%-60% in a couple minutes and make it much more readable.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 23 2007


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