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Magic Paintbrush

Like a hand scanner only it prints
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A handheld Printer. It uses the technology that you get from an optical mouse + your pc's memory. A bubblejet does its biz and is told when to fire depending on position. You always start from the top right of the image - squeeze a trigger to say when to print and then use it like a magic paintbrush.
ajwhunter, Nov 14 2002

Baked: PrintBrush (2011) http://www.printdreams.com/
[notexactly, May 31 2015]

PopSci Invention Awards article on PrintBrush http://www.popsci.c...magic-wand-printing
[notexactly, May 31 2015]

Similar but was a scam: Scribble Pen http://drop-kicker.com/tag/scribble-pen/
it's a blog—read bottom to top [notexactly, May 31 2015]

On Kickstarter. IndieGogo: SprayPrinter http://sprayprinter.com/
There are multiple overlapping pre-funding campaigns for iterations of this product. [jutta, Dec 03 2016]


       Triangulate it somehow. There are ways to orient its position.
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2002

       Or like a hand (as opposed to sheet-fed or flat-bed) scanner, letting the wheels provide location information.   

       I'm not sure I get the point, though, if you're going to end up with something that could more easily have come out of a printer.
phoenix, Nov 14 2002

       you might be on to something I operate a vidio jet labler at work and It sprays text on to a passing paper on a belt similar to what your talking about the ink jets spray up and down and the belt moves left to right timed just right to make text only thing is you would have to have some type of eletronics to know where the pen is in respect to a given point on the paper like maybe eletronic eyes that can sence distance
jj72ny, Nov 14 2002

       Every "stroke" after the first would have to begin by overlapping some already-printed material, so the optics built into the thing could figure out its position.   

       The point would be to make it possible to print onto surfaces you couldn't feed through a printer. Like walls or boxes or whatever. This could make the common fantasy of "polka-dot paint" a reality.
egnor, Nov 17 2002

       Would beat the hell out of hanging wallpaper for ease-of-use, too.
krelnik, Nov 17 2002

       alphaman posed a problem with tracking. mount a pressure sensitve tip that only activates when applied to a surface. you would also have to make the tip flexible enough to be able to work at a constant parrallel to the surface( somthing with a ball joint housing ? ). three chambers for ink cartigdes. and just for kicks make it wireless.
fusionist, Nov 17 2002


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