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Maglev Car Badges

Front badge supported by magnets
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Every car company I can think of puts some kind of badge or statuette on the hood/bonnet or grille of their cars. Many of these look like they are intended to be floating (Ford Mustang, Jaguars, etc.). Why not make them actually float?

Surround the badge with electromagnets and embed a strong permanent magnet inside the badge. As speeds/forces become greater, the power of the electromagnets becomes higher to keep the badge a part of the car. In case the magnets are not strong enough to prevent the badge from flying off, there is a small tether attaching the back/bottom of the badge to the car.

For when the car is off or the battery is disconnected, small permanent magnets keep the badge suspended.

Cars that this could be used on are the aforementioned Ford Mustang, Jaguar's leaping jaguar, the Mercedes tri-point star on some of its models, the Rolls-Royce angel, and many others.

PS - I'm not sure if I explained this well enough, if not let me know.

tekym, May 10 2003


       just don't lean against your car with a credit card in your pocket
blahginger, May 10 2003

       spotted a blahginger - 10 points.
po, May 10 2003


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