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Imac-style Clear Car

Make as many panels clear or lightly tinted as possible.
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There are lots of panels that can be made to be clear or tinted like the IMAC. Not that I'm so crazy about the fad, but I'm sure that some people would love it. Saturns are an example of cars that have lots of plexiglass panels. I'm pretty sure plexiglass can be made clear or tinted.

Think about how cool it would look to show off your shiny engine in your car. And the safety factors as well: You would be able to tell immediately if there's an alligator or giant snake wrapped up in your engine! However, Cops would be able to tell if you don't have a 2nd person when you are in the HOV lane.

Perhaps interior vinyl can be replaced with a "soft" clear plexiglass. That would be great if you could see straight into your own engine from the cockpit. I'm sure whenever electrical cars become mainstream this would be even more of a viable option.

jalsak, Jun 05 2001

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[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       I like my privacy, so I personally would not want one. It certainly wouldn't do for "watching the submarine races," as we used to say, either. Furthermore, it sounds like a distraction to other drivers. Nevertheless, the idea seems like a natural and gets my croissant.
snarfyguy, Jun 05 2001

       wasn't this baked in the movie "grease"? "greased lightning", the car built by the students, had a clear hood (bonnet), so that you could see the engine and related bits.
mihali, Jun 05 2001

       You could have dark tinted windows to add the irony factor.
[ sctld ], Jun 06 2001

       Can we make it even more like an IMAC? When you're driving along, having a great ol' time, it suddenly just stops - for no apparent reason. Then everyone has to get out, push it back to where you started from, then reboot. Hoping like hell the whole time it still has the seats left in it when you get home.
sodateq, Jun 07 2001

       Aesthetically pleasing (to some, like me), but wouldn't this benefit those breaking into cars to steal things?   

       A large percentage of cell phones are stolen from cars, and with a see-through glove box they wouldn't have to search very hard.
mrkillboy, Jun 07 2001

       It would also have to have a steering wheel that, like the original hockey-puck style mouse, gives you no indication whatsoever which direction it's pointing till you start moving. You THINK you're turning left, but you're actually turning right! AAAAAA! (Then you have to buy the third-party steering wheel that works.)
arghblah, Jun 20 2001

       Cool idea! I particularly like sctld's take on it! I had the same idea a while back (no...really I did!!) as a way of making car drivers more aware of their speed. Kinda like being on a bike; I've ridden motorbikes and I think anything you can do to make car drivers feel less invincible is a good thing. As opposed to all these side-impact bars, crumple zones, airbags etc that make them think they can just PUSH YOU AROUND because you're SMALLER and lets not forget that they OWN the ENTIRE road and can't POSSIBLY be expected to see you...even if you ARE lit up like a frelling xmas tree, which has practically become a legal requirement just because they won't OPEN THEY'RE EYES!#$%&?!!@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

       <takes long slow breaths, stepping down from soapbox> It's OK, I feel better now...:)
lorddave, Jun 20 2001

       I'm guessing that it wouldn't have a radiator fan, too.
rapid transit, May 25 2003

       And all the wiring would have clear shielding. And the rear view mirror would 'float', being adjustable with one finger.   

       And it'd be the smallest car on the highway.   

       Many fruity colors.   

       And an option for the coolest, one-button, optical steering wheel ever.
galukalock, May 25 2003


rapid transit, May 25 2003

       I read it as "Immac" - you apply it to all dirty or littered parts of the car, wait a few moments, then remove, and it takes all the crap with it, leaving only a smooth interior for up to three weeks.
friendlyfire, May 25 2003

       Pontiac baked this in 1940 with a modified DeLuxe Six sedan. It was for show only, though.
Acme, Feb 21 2004

       Wonder Woman's invisible jet on wheels. She's a hottie!
Mungo, Feb 21 2004


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