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Flintstones Hubcap

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Hubcaps, of various appropriate sizes, which are designed to look like blurred legs at the rim covers, and which extend two bent legs and bare feet beyond the rim to cover a portion of the tire.

When travelling slowly enough, it will look as though your car is powered by four residents of Bedrock. Without heads. Or bodies. So, basically just disembodied creepy zombie legs of Bedrock residents.

Approximately the same shape as two-blade home blender attachments.

Sound effects not included.

shapu, May 25 2007


       I like it...for parades.   

       I like it... for Pirelli's.
theleopard, May 25 2007

       I just plain like it.   

       Can sound effects please be included?
hidden truths, May 25 2007

       + I love it. (but get some sound effects going!)
Oh yeah, I want toe-nail polish on mine.
xandram, May 25 2007

       Didn't somebody suggest a version of this where the feet were on bearings, and weighted so they would just swing back and forth at the bottom of the wheel?
5th Earth, May 25 2007

       Yeah that was me. This is different.   

       also a horn that plays the flintstones theme would complete this, I think.
mimz, May 26 2007

       I always liked the logic of Bedrock Transit Authority.   

       Wait for the bus, and when it shows up, pay to help everyone else carry the big stone wheel-less bus to your next stop.
Giblet, May 27 2007


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