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Lifts and separates.
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The underside of each cup of the magna-bra has powerful magnets each with the same polarity facing downwards. The portion of the bra, (or would that be bustier?) which rests against the ribs would have the same polarity facing outwards.
The result, a bra which holds a woman’s breasts up against the relentless force of gravity without an under wire, (unless you opt for the electromagnetic version with the prohibitively expensive price tag), or painfully restrictive shoulder straps.
I believe this would:
Minimize stretching caused by high impact sports.
Reduce sweating and discomfort by allowing air to circulate beneath the breasts,
and alleviate painful back aches and the premature onset of osteoporosis which seems to plague women with larger cup sizes.


       You seem to have replaced an underwire with a whole undercup that rests against the ribs. That might be useful to spread the weight out more (I don't have fond memories of underwire bras), but it certainly doesn't remove weight from anywhere, and the thing that the skin rests on is still not air but a magnetized cup.   

       You could get similar physical forces by adding a spring holding up each cup. Hm. "Pogo bra". Hm.
jutta, Oct 17 2004

       Diall 911...some teenage kid with braces just got stuck on Mary Lou's chest again.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 17 2004

       Am sure the sports bra version could be used to generate electricity.
Cubical_View, Oct 18 2004

       Perhaps you could embed magnets in implants to remove the sweaty cup issue. Of course, there's always the danger of getting them stuck to the refrigerator.
Worldgineer, Nov 18 2004


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