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Magna Putt

Get up and down from anywhere
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Even the best chippers find themselves with a scary 4 foot putt to push the bet and avoid losing $3. The beauty of it is that you can see it coming and prepare for the worst.

If you keep a magnetic golf ball in your pocket and always chip with your magnetized wedge, you might make every thing from 20 ft. in. Just chip your regular golf ball as close as you can. If it's a gimme, fine. If it's a kneeknocker, just mark your ball, put it in your pocket and say "I'll wait." Make sure you're still holding your magnetized wedge. When it's your turn, casually walk around to read your putt from the opposite of the hole. Using your wedge to find the line (Corey Pavin style) is a nice touch as well. Then lay that magnetized wedge head behind the hole and the walk to your mark, replacing it with the magnetic golf ball. Put a decent stroke on the ball in the general direction of the hole and that wedge will pull it right over the cup.


alppuccino, Aug 29 2006


       I'm picturing the ball jumping right across the top of the cup and rolling on to the wedge (yes, I know you wouldn't really magnetize it that strongly, but it made me laugh).
pertinax, Aug 29 2006

       Are you saying it's legal in golf to putt the ball while one of your clubs is lying on the green?
phundug, Aug 29 2006

       In my foursome it is.
alppuccino, Aug 29 2006

       Not for much longer, though.
alppuccino, Aug 29 2006

       Is there a penalty if your ball goes past the hole and hits the club that's lying there?
phundug, Aug 29 2006

       2 strokes and the sharp ridicule of your competitors. I see what you're getting at, and I suppose an empty beer can containing an electromagnet that is operated by a remote switch disguised as a divot tool is a more realistic concept.
alppuccino, Aug 29 2006

       //Is there a penalty//   

       Yeah, you are going to wipe out all your credit cards and your partner's pacemaker. Plus you are violating a law of physics or two, so Albert Einstein's rolling in his grave is going to shake the green something fierce.   

       Sorry, [alppuccino], I hate magic magnets. This ain't going to get even close to working without an *incredibly* powerful magnet in the club, and a plain metal ball. A magnetized ball is going to have two poles, so it will be repelling half the time, anyhow.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, and better luck next time. [-]
baconbrain, Aug 29 2006

       "A magnetized ball is going to have two poles, so it will be repelling half the time, anyhow."   

       Magnetized with a series of flat magnets that follow the dimple pattern with the same pole pointing out on all?   

       Wallet goes in the lower pouch of the golf bag.
alppuccino, Aug 31 2006

       "Amigo, the only thing in this world that gives orders is balls. Balls. You got that?"   

       Try it out w/ a magnet & steel ball. The path of the ball doesn't deflect unless it is very close to the magnet.
Zimmy, Aug 31 2006

       Maybe the hole itself could be made temporarily into a supermassive black hole, and you can turn this feature off before the next player putts.
phundug, Aug 31 2006


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