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Lumberjack Tee

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The quest for improved tees for the ladees, and for baseball-players, leaves a much-needed gap in the market.

Step up, lumberjack golfers of the world!

Simply drive the pointed end* of MaxSports' new Lumberjack Tee into the launching point (or whatever the starting point for golf is called) using the free MaxSports' driving hammer.

Once the Lumberjack Tee is in place, simply don your tree- spikes and belt, and shimmy up to the top. Place the golf ball** in the cup-shaped recess on the top of the Lumberjack Tee, and shimmy back down again.

Now, note the direction to the hole*** and the wind- direction, and you're ready to go.

Chainsaw not included.

*this is really rather important.
**for your convenience, the Lumberjack Tee is compatible with all popular brands of golf ball.
***The Lumberjack Tee is available in lengths ranging from 250 to 800 yards.

MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2011

Inspired by: Very_20long_20golf_20tee
[MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2011]

Mountain boat http://2.bp.blogspo...tzcarraldo-05-g.jpg
[mouseposture, May 19 2011]


       I think you'll really have to include a weathervane. Winds at 250 yards up might be a little different than the winds at 6 feet.
gisho, May 18 2011

       [MaxwellBuchanan] wrote: "leaves a much-needed gap in the market"   

       I wasn't aware that any market needed gaps in it?
Vernon, May 18 2011

       I choose my words with the precision of a mountain boat.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 18 2011

       Goat! mountain GOAT!
MaxwellBuchanan, May 19 2011


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