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Golf tees that grow

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Make golf tees out of compressed grass seed. This way, a golfer uses a tee once, doesn't need to pick up the pieces to dispose of them, because they'll just sink into the ground and grow into grass.

Would probably be a fun way to 'plow' your garden.

boogalooShrimp, Jan 11 2007

[po] held together with honey http://www.petsmart...=ALL&N=2035831&Ne=2
[xandram, Jan 12 2007]

Gloxi Tee http://www.google.c...um=30&jtp=1#PPP1,M1
Baked ! as far back as 1927 [xenzag, Jan 13 2007]


       where did the previous anno go?
po, Jan 11 2007

       Oh, I deleted it myself - I rarely delete my annos, but it really made no sense since this idea's name changed.   

       (When it was called 'Tee For Two' I said I thought the idea was going to be a golf tee that held two balls at once, so that two players could tee off together, though I think the one with the slower swing might not like the idea.)
imaginality, Jan 11 2007

       On topic this time: I'm hoping that if I tee off first with one of these tees, the yummy seeds will tempt a stray flock of birds to flutter down and distract my opponent during his shot.
imaginality, Jan 11 2007

       the only downside to this is whether golfers would be bothered to carry around a pocketful of tees when they could just have a couple of plastic ones?   

       + from me.
po, Jan 11 2007

       [po] Sounds like you have never played golf, Most of us if we left the clubhouse with 2 plastic tees would be out of tees before we left the Third Tee.
jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

       I think my golf balls may be made out of this compressed grass seed. I can never seem to find them after tee-off.
Custardguts, Jan 11 2007

       I think mine are compressed gopher feed.
jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

       you're right jhom, I have only ever putted :(
po, Jan 11 2007

       A "green" anything. Add golf, yay, +++++
blissmiss, Jan 11 2007

       don't like golf...but do like this idea +
xenzag, Jan 11 2007

       hmm, grass tea...+
xandram, Jan 11 2007

       I also like this idea. You'd get more of a manly feeling as you smashed the ball and the tee explodes into a puff of grass seed as well!
britboy, Jan 11 2007

       Hard to make, I guess, but I like it. [+]
shapu, Jan 11 2007

       I don't think it would be too hard to make, something like those bird seed cakes or bird bells made with sunflower seeds and whatever it is they use to hold them together.
xandram, Jan 11 2007

       fat! sorry, xandram - not you obviously but birds love a bit of beef dripping holding the seeds together.   

       completely off topic but I watched my beloved Bill Oddie tonight watching Hawks o/s and over New York - fabulous stuff.
po, Jan 11 2007

       No, I don't mean the suet cakes. There are others that seem to be held with something else, something like peanut brittle... sugar?
xandram, Jan 12 2007

       mmmmm, seed and honey.
po, Jan 12 2007

       hello idea [+]
shinobi, Jan 12 2007

       You could use a starch glue to hold the tee together. It would disolve completely the next time it rains, or they water the course. If you do use grass seed tees, make sure you use ones that match the grass of the course, otherwise you could introduce a invasive grass to the carefully tended fairways. Of course this brings up the possibility of pure starch tees, which would simply dissolve after use. +
MechE, Jan 12 2007

       Mmm, seed and honey and starch and fat. I'd be out of tees before I left the clubhouse.   

       Might I suggest making them out of dung, worm castings or other fertilizers instead?
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

       I like the double ball golf tee idea. Aside from its phallic nature, it takes advantage of the fact that golf counts the number of swings you take with the club. Maximizing the number of balls hit will maximize the chance that one of them goes where you want it to.   

       The tee could be made of dried horse poop. In fact, one could use an entire dried horse poop.
bungston, Jan 12 2007

       sorry [boogalooShrimp], but it's already got a patent on it. I knew I had seen it somewhere else, when I was checking on another golf tee idea. [marked-for- deletion] see Gloxi Tee in link.
xenzag, Jan 13 2007

       [m-f-d] only stands if it's widely known to exist; this is the first that any of us have heard of this idea, I suspect?
david_scothern, Jan 13 2007


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