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Magnetic Contact Lenses

Include a small amount of iron in the material used to make the lens to make removal easier.
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Contacts are a pain to get out sometimes, so if when they were made small amounts of iron were included within the plastic material, concentrated around the edge then removal could be done with an electromagnet that you keep next to your electric toothbrush or whatever, infact, charge it off the same base.
bs0u0155, Dec 02 2006

The lens plunger http://clecontactle...ge=accessories.html
Slurp them out. [Veho, Dec 03 2006]


       Perhaps not all at once and without warning/anesthetic
PollyNo9, Dec 03 2006

       There already is a kind of tiny "plunger" that is used to remove contact lenses. See link. Not as cool as sucking the lens out with a magnet, but less of a pain than removing them by hand. [+]
Veho, Dec 03 2006

       I think the iron would be embedded in the plastic to prevent rust. Or ask for the non-embedded kind if you are anemic.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Dec 04 2006


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