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Opaque contact lens

Easy find contact lenses for the blind.
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Contact lenses made of opaque plastic.

As blind people don't need to see through their contact lens, the lens can be made of solid plastic. Manufactured in a range of bright colours that will make the lenses easier to find when dropped on the floor.

Minimal, Nov 30 2005


       Er... I don't know where to start. I'll just put my opaque contact lenses in. I'm sure they'll help.
st3f, Nov 30 2005

       Excellent candidate for a pineapple, I reckon.
moomintroll, Nov 30 2005

       [stumbles around blindly]
st3f, Nov 30 2005


       But you do realize that opaque contact lenses are more than a little Baked, albeit with a clear spot in the center to see out of? Just Google on that term.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2005

       They're also baked without the clear spot. Opaque white contact lenses and pale skin makeup is one way to make a good looking (!) zombie on screen.   

       This sounds like an echo of something. It's just that I don't know what.
st3f, Nov 30 2005

       Inspired by "Contact lens orientation indicator," just guessing.
DrCurry, Nov 30 2005

       Um, am thinking if you're blind it won't matter how colorful the lens is, you still ain't gonna see it.   

       The only thing I could fathom is maybe a cosmetic fix for a cataract eye? Still, you should really get that fixed instead of covering it up.
Zuzu, Nov 30 2005

       Good call [Zuzu] Exactly what I thought. Also I am curious... why do blind people need contacts?
PollyNo9, Dec 01 2005

       Hmm...where to start?
1: If you're blind, why would you need a contact lens?
2: If you're blind, how will the color of your contact lens help you to FIND it after being dropped?
Freefall, Dec 01 2005

       It sounds like there's a good prank there somewhere: equivalent to staring at the sky, then checking to see how many others are doing the same.
Ling, Dec 02 2005

       [Freefall]: in answer to point 2 - it is quite simple. You just make sure your lens is in a loud colour.
Jinbish, Dec 02 2005

       I was thinking of posting the same idea but for a different reason - more effective than a blindfold.
yamahito, Apr 20 2010


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