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macro/zoom contact lenses
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We already have soft contacts, how about contacts that zoom in like those little pocket point and shoot cameras? The wearer could control the amount of zoom/macro by squinting or tightening their eyelids. The center of the lense would deform to create a zoom effect based on the amount of pressure exerted by the eyelids on the edges of the contacts.

I guess the biggest drawback would be eyestrain/tension headaches from all the squinting. In that case, they might only be useful for persons who do close up or zoom work for a small percentage of their day.

smoobets, Aug 03 2003


       Seems it would fuck up a person's vision muy rapido.
thumbwax, Aug 03 2003

       This smells like izzard
DeathNinja, Aug 03 2003

       I think this is quite a far cry from the cum vacuum, DeathNinja.
smoobets, Aug 05 2003

       [Smoobets], the minimalist titling and rather dubious (no offense) nature of the idea is rather indicative, but you have the benefit of the doubt.
motive power, Aug 06 2003


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