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Helical knitting

Knitting with interwoven helical tubes
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Knitting machines traditionally use a row of pins and hooks to pull thread into a zig-zag pattern allowing a second thread to be threaded through. The second thread is then pushed and pulled by pins and hooks to form a zig-zag pattern etc.

My idea is to use interwoven helical tubes (see link to help with visualisation). The helical tubes could be made of plastic or metal.

To start knitting, threads are threaded through helical tubes (by using a helical needle). The helical tubes are then interwoven (by twisting and pushing adjacent helical tubes). Helical tubes are then twisted and pushed (one helix at a time or all helices simultaneously). The threads are thus knitted.

Helices of different pitch and size could be used to make interesting patterns.

Interesting knits could be made with flexible helices which could be bent so as to form bifurcations (no picture (yet) to help visualise this one).

xaviergisz, Nov 23 2005

(?) helical knitting picture http://usera.imagec.../helical_loom_2.jpg
[xaviergisz, Nov 23 2005]

(?) Circular needles http://www.az.com/~.../knit/circular.html
Similar perhaps? (Neat picture by the way, [xavier]) [Adze, Nov 24 2005]


       Neat. Maybe baked, Im not sure. Dont they use thios (Flattened) for chain-link fences?
DesertFox, Nov 24 2005

       And possibly some kinds of plastic items.
normzone, Nov 24 2005

       Interesting design, but I suspect it would be much harder to rethread when the threads break (as they invariably do at some point).
DrCurry, Nov 24 2005

       very Watson and Crick.
neilp, Nov 25 2005


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