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Magnetic Window Lock

For forgetful folk and secret agents
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James Bond had just poured himself a gin martini when he heard the noise. He didn't need to check what it was; he knew the sound of feet scuffing on gravel. There was no question about it: SPECTRE's henchmen had come looking for him. He had to leave, and leave quickly.

Bond swiftly turned the desk lamp off. Though his study was at the rear of the house, the light might be visible from the hallway, and he didn't want to risk them realising he was at home. If they didn't know he was here, he might have a chance to escape while they searched his house. If they even suspected he was here, he had no chance of escaping.

He climbed through the window, which was already open - it was another muggy evening, and he'd welcomed the soft breeze. Now he welcomed the easy exit route, as he lowered himself quietly onto the lawn, and pushed the window shut.

"I must remember to thank Q," Bond thought to himself, as he slipped away through the trees bordering his lawn. He glanced back to see the window handles closing automatically, drawn downwards by the magnets secretly installed into the window frame.

With the windows shut from the inside, SPECTRE's henchmen would never suspect that he'd been sitting in his study only a moment ago. The only other clue would have been the cocktail glass. "And they can have my files, but they're not getting my martini," Bond smiled, as he sipped his drink and strolled away into the night.


The fact that the magnet is hidden in the window frame makes this magnetic lock superior to current versions, since if SPECTRE's henchmen noticed the magnetic lock on the window, they'd immediately search outside for him.

Q's magnetic window locks are also useful for those who lock their front door but then realise they've left their window open. No need to waste time going back inside to shut it - just push it shut from outside, and the magnets will pull the handles in place for you.

imaginality, Oct 18 2006


       They will likely get caught, since they must return via the door.   

       There are two locks at the top of my windows, so I require that the normal lip (finger hold for opening) be relocated to the top, or a third arm. +
Shz, Oct 18 2006


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