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Magpie headed Airship /Helicopter hybrid with the lot

Magpie headed, Rigid, Solar Balloon, Hot Air, Helium, Airship/Helicopter Hybrid incorporating contemporary “context sensitive engineering solutions”
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Firstly it is acknowledged that the airship/ helicopter hybrid already exists.

Magpie headed: No human, wombat nosed, nose coned, so called aerodynamically faired whatever whatsoever for the front of this ship, only a magpie’s head, with beak, in flying mode, with the airship proper beginning where the bird’s body does. Fitting that pre-human stone age avian aerodynamics, perfected millions of years ago and still quite capable of rocketing out of the sky and drawing blood courtesy of mother nature, head up this new age of aviation. Not that high speed is contemplated, it just has to cut through the air efficiently with a proven design.

Rigid Airship: Same frontal configuration for the mid section as a magpie’s body, with the airship cabin as part of the bird’s breast. Torpedo shaped tapering end with large lightweight plastic fan for solar assisted, battery powered, cruise mode. Flexible solar sheet on upper surface. Black sides for solar balloon effect.

Helicopter: Finally, a killer application that doesn't have to be taken literally for a hopelessly dangerous mode of transport. For travel with load and manoeuvrability, and accurate ascent and descent. Modern lightweight rotors (which can shut down and stow away) and motor situated at the top of the airship. Motor within, with a frame support going down through the ship with wheels at the ends of the A on either side of the ship. Another A main bar down through the ship for the back wheel. 3 triangles, the main frame. Motor Exhaust gases assist lift by passing through ship compartment exhaust pipe.(former post acknowledged) Cargo mode has an underside cargo hatch entry. Loads by hovering and lowering over a container, with sky hook ballistic cut away, activated by a quick release load jettison handle in the cockpit, to ensure no crash from altitude with heavy loads, just containers raining from the sky towards innocent bystanders and grazing herbivores.

Gases: Rigid Airship has compartments. Helium compartments for lift to almost lighter than air. Helicopter motor exhaust pipe compartment. Solar balloon compartments on top and sides. Much trial and error required here, but each compartment capable of almost lift on it's own. No flying wing? This thing’s a flying swiss army knife as it is. ....incorporating contemporary “context sensitive engineering solutions”.... In progress.

yikes!!!, Jan 14 2008




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