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Mostly Fake Air Cruise Ship

READ "Air Cruise Ship" first or this will not make sense.
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READ "Air Cruise Ship" first or this will not make sense. (It may not...)

So buy the top floors of a skyscraper and build whatever hotel you can resembling an air cruise ship with big windows. And mount large monitors outside the windows projecting what might be seen from any air ship. A few guests can use the ordinary airship that docks on the very top in good weather for local sightseeing.

Some shock absorber mounts for the rooms might simulate a bit of movement or create extra expense.

One guest can be over London. And the room next door over Paris. And next over Al Capp's Cartoon Dogpatch or a similar fictional place like Washington.

37 countries in 24 hours. I'm exhausted!

popbottle, Mar 02 2014

READ "Air Cruise Ship" Air_20Cruise_20Ship
READ "Air Cruise Ship" [popbottle, Mar 02 2014]


       I suppose it might be nice to go on holiday to Mars without dying.   

       Another guest might go to the cloud on top of Mount Olympus.   

       A more down-to-Earth version of this spin on the theme would be an insect-free Amazon holiday.   

       And then we start to drift towards Westworld.
skoomphemph, Mar 05 2014


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