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More efficient Air Ship

Creating more favourable conditions for the operation of a derigable
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It seems to me that all the ideas for improving the humble derigable assayed within this august portal focus too much on the machine itself and ignore the milieu of its operation.

The inescapable fact remains that the lift engendered by filling a large container with 'lighter than air' gas is dependant on the quantity of the surrounding atmosphere displaced theron.

Much more lift could be generated from a fixed quantity of such gas if the surrounding atmosphere was encouraged to become denser.

I propose a project of such a scale that the familiar moniker of 'Manhattan' could credibly be attached without hyperbole.

This monumental effort would require the construction of hundreds of thousands, nay millions, of carbon dioxide generating machines. These would burn a petroleum distilate to produce this gas, which is denser than the current composition of our atmosphere.

Over the years the density of the atmosphere would increase thus improving the performance of our lighter than air ships.

The waste heat produced as a by product of this process could be used to generate electricity or power some kind of automatic mobility device.

I am sure you'll agree this is as sane a proposition as many documented on this site.

rambling_sid, Aug 23 2005


       //I'm sure you'll agree this is as sane..as many documented on this site//

       Yep, and I fishboned them, too.
moomintroll, Aug 23 2005

       Ha ha dihydrogen oxide-esque.
phoenix, Aug 23 2005

       Our atmosphere does a lot more than just hold up lighter than air ships. I don't even want to begin to ennumerate the ways this would screw up most every other function.   

oxen crossing, Aug 23 2005

       You know, I'm actually tempted to change my vote on the grounds that this is clearly satire, if rather desperate and sarcastic satire. There's just one thing... 'airship' is one word...
moomintroll, Aug 23 2005

       Another benefit: ships will float higher. After the icecaps melt, ships will float 200 feet higher. They’ll be able to dock at downtown skyscrapers in New York, saving on transportation costs. And they’ll be able to cruise right over obstructions like the Philippines and other low lying island groups, thereby making the shipping lanes safer.
ldischler, Aug 23 2005

       sp: dirigible
Adze, Aug 23 2005


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