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A website where users can log in and play music with each other.
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The website would allow users to play music from their homes and hear them on the computer in real time. Other user would be able to play/sing along with them, allowing them to make sweet music. The website could also feature a facility to record the 'live' music onto MP3 and distribute. The website would be split into different musical tastes and 'virtual gigs' could be arranged for certain dates. It would allow many music cultures and genres to mix together without the problem of language. The technology may not exist at the moment, but it is plausible.
Kunka, Apr 15 2002

Elody http://www.grame.fr/Elody/
Elody is a music composition environment based on a visual functional language, a direct-handling user interface and Internet facilities. DISCLAIMER - Elody is a research product currently in development. The musical language specification is not frozen yet and may change in future versions. [thumbwax, Apr 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Soundbyte Online Jamming http://www.soundbyt...vents/onlinejam.htm
Baked. [waugsqueke, Apr 15 2002]


       There will be QoS issues if you're trying to do this in real time.
phoenix, Apr 15 2002

       [sp: plausible]   

       One word: latency.
jutta, Apr 15 2002

       I used to live next to a guy that did this, but,as has already been mentioned, this has to involve midi *spits in disgust* to avoid against latency.   

       My neighbour, being the muso he was, just liked the musical interaction, but his monitors being as loud as they were, I really wished he just had some mates come around with some REAL instruments
lagerdalek, Aug 04 2005

       Loud monitors, eh?
pooduck, Aug 04 2005


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