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turn your computer keyboard into a music keyboard
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This would be a website that when you go to it, every key on your computer keyboard turns into a musical note, except for the escape key which will get you back to the page you came from. So, if I didn't say that correctly, it would be a website that re-maps your computer keyboard to play musical tones.
JesusHChrist, Mar 16 2008

Halfbakery: Keyboard Music Java (KMJ) Keyboard_20Music_20Java_20(KMJ)
Similarly overspecified. [jutta, Mar 16 2008]

Sweet Little Piano http://www.ronimusic.com/sweet_pi.htm
your idea but instead of a website it's a program and it can output MIDI [Joolin, Sep 26 2010]

Voilà. http://www.bgfl.org...sic/piano/index.htm
[DrWorm, Sep 27 2010]


       Why not just capture text input (as this very java box that i am typing into does) and convert it into musical notes. Seems quite easy.
WcW, Mar 16 2008


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