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What should I play today?

Random guitar tab/lesson based on specified criteria
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I learned guitar by reading tablatures (simplified notation specifically for fretted instruments) and watching YouTube lessons. Whenever I found a song I wanted to play, I'd search for it in a tab database and on YouTube. The problem is that sometimes I want to play at times when I can't think of a song I feel like playing and I'm not in a creative enough state to improvise.

This is where my idea comes in. When you go to the site, you select a genre and a difficulty level, and the system will select a song at random from an existing online database. It will then give you links to tablatures and videos for that song.

It seems like it would be very easy to build and would be very handy for musicians needing inspiration.

Joolin, Sep 26 2010


       Nothing particularly wrong with this idea. You want to play...you choose a genre and level of difficulty... Man, you are SO close...   

       I learned guitar the same way, only without YouTube.   

       Seems like a useful tool to me. [+]
Boomershine, Sep 27 2010

       Considering what a hacker I am in the music world, this would be a good thing.
normzone, Oct 15 2010

       Wow! I learned to play in the exact opposite manner.   

       Someone showed me how to play "free fallin'" and I went from there.   

       You're probably pretty good on guitar, I probably suck.   

       I was pretty good 10 years ago. I know the other 2 renters in my flat would turn off their music to listen to me play.   

       I couldn't reproduce those times now. If I wanted to.   

       I bought every chord and scale book I could afford. I imagined I was the leader of a rock n roll band.   

       Some songs I wrote. Stay away from the minor keys. They're great for Marci grad but not so good if you can't sing at the same time you play, which I can't.
Zimmy, Oct 16 2010


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