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regifting day

give a new or almost new possesion to your friends
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we all have things around that we dont need or want, and many are in new condition, often a gift from someone else. maybe it's not our color, or we already have one, or our coworker has one just like it, or it's not "us". they are perfectly good goods, but still, we shouldnt "regift" these things to others on christmas.

but on regifting day it is expected. regifting day offers a chance to get that dead value out of the closet and convert it to happiness for someone else. it's also sort of a green idea, going hand in hand with adweek's "buy nothing day" (the day after thanksgiving). i for one, would love to get something almost new from your garage or closet. after all, if i dont like it, i can just regift it to someone else and better luck next year!
gnormal, Dec 24 2001


       reBoxing Day
bristolz, Dec 24 2001

       "we all have things around that we dont need or want..."   

       So I can pass on my bills?
phoenix, Dec 24 2001

       Doesn't Tolkien describe that kind of thing as a Hobbit, uhm, habit on their birthdays?
jutta, Dec 25 2001

       (sorry for dragging this up 4 years later) I once had this little scheme where I regifted stuff that I didn't want to other people. Then one day, I got an angry phone call from a certain loved one, who'd found out about my little plan in not exactly the nicest of ways.   

       You guessed it; the person I regifted the object in question to regifted it to my aunt, who sent me the present originally. To say the least, she wasn't very please. She was quite hurt, and I was riddled with guilt. The item was this collectors edition doll which had a monetary value of zilch and it looked like either bert or ernie from Sesame Street... In a pink dress...
froglet, May 01 2005


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