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Making a little bit of Mars slightly more habitable

Dig a big hole.
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Atmospheric pressure increases the deeper you go & the highest growing plants on Earth have been found at a height of 6 km.

Which got me thinking..

Apparently something like a depth of 40 km should give us roughly the same pressure on Mars as 6km above sea level on Earth so all we have to do is dig a big hole..

The Hellas Planitia is already 7 km deep so that gives us a bit of a head start.

Everyone bring a spade we'll have this done in no time.

Skewed, Dec 02 2018

World’s highest plants discovered growing 6km above sea level https://www.newscie...km-above-sea-level/
[Skewed, Dec 02 2018]


       There are plenty of bits of your own planet that could do with making a bit more habitable before you go to the trouble and expense of hauling a bucket-and-spade mob to Mars ... Slough and Basingstoke are obvious candidates.   

       Moderately-sized fusion devices would be the quickest and most economic method; nothing fancy, maybe a megaton or so.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2018

       Gets rid of ugly Staines.
Ian Tindale, Dec 02 2018

       Yes, there as well.
8th of 7, Dec 02 2018


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