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lunar housing

melt soil and inflat
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BubbaX, Nov 29 2003


       Care to elaborate?   

       sp: inflate
Letsbuildafort, Nov 29 2003

       BubbaX, you need to copy/paste the text from the lunar housing2, then delete that idea. You can get to it above. Keeping the HB trim is a constant battle, so your help is appreciated.
yamahito, Nov 29 2003

       Bubbax, this is not a bad idea. But really, you need to explain more!   

       As a comment, I would use a soalar reflector to concentrate sunlight for the melting of the rock. I would then pile the lunar dust upon your house to a depth of 10-20 ft. with only an airlock sticking out ( this protects from radiation, metoroites ). One of these units could be made quite light but would need a large reflector ( made of mylar to keep weight down ).   

       Melting pot should be of graphite and will need to melt ~1/14 cubic feet per minute ( ~1500 ft.^3 / 20160 minutes ) to make a one story, 1000 ft.^2, 8ft. ceiling, 6in. walls ( and floors ) in 14 days ( lunar daytime period )   

       To figure out how big of a reflector you'll need you need to know the melting temp. of lunar rock, it's specific heat capacity, it's heat of melting, the average radiation recived on the moon ( if you are using a non-stearable reflector ), how much will be reflected of the melting pot, and how much heat will be lost from the meling pot through radiation. (longest post to date!)
my-nep, Nov 29 2003

       Looks like he's explained the idea on his profile page.
waugsqueke, Nov 29 2003

       Plenty of oxygen in lunar dust, I hear.   

       If we can afford to send up the equipment to melt rock, we can afford to send up equipment to extract air from rock.
Almafeta, Nov 29 2003

       I sugest, bubbax, that you use a reflector instead of a refractor. This will (I think) decreas the nessecary optical quality.(cheaper, lighter)
my-nep, Dec 04 2003

       You're kind of assuming that lunar dust is made up of sand.
DrCurry, Dec 04 2003

       .... whereas we all know it's made of cheese!
dobtabulous, Dec 05 2003

       Not realy silicon oxide magority as I understand -mabe wrong-, but enough of it melts at 700-1000* Celcius to make structures. Just to point out a problem with your plan, The air, when injected, will rise to the top, where it will either pop or make the top un-structuraly thin.   

       My meathod has not this problem, and uses less energy as there is, at any one time, a smaller radiating area. My idea is basicaly a cross of the coil clay meathod - building a hollow collem of ropes of clay - and cement pouring - using retainer walls. That is, you pour molten moon-dust/rock into tungsten(?) molds, which size necisiated by weight, requires be moved frequently, in (my case) a spiral path, building upwards with each rotation.
my-nep, Jan 04 2004


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