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Male Pregnancy Cravings

An excuse to eat weird combinations
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Hey guys, have you ever fancied jam on your coleslaw? Beetroot and custard? Nutella chocolate spread on parsnips? Kalhua in c(h)amomile tea?

Sure you have, and while your wives, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, grandmas, nieces, co-workers, mothers-in-law, f*** buddies, female friends, waitresses, char-women, only have to get pregnant to try any of these combinations, we male people are not so lucky. We either have to feign a serious mental illness or affect a liking for wilfully obscure avant-garde restaurants with 10-year waiting lists for the seat by the toilet and veal in chocolate sauce on the menu.

Anyhow, my point is, no one really knows why women have pregnancy cravings, so why not invent some dubious reason why men can eat food in whatever strange combination they like. I've a few likely candidates: (1) foggy weather. (2) Mars's orbit is retrograde. (3) not been drunk lately. (4) Something involving sports. We pick one, and if it's happening, you can hit the cupboard and make those sheep's kidney flapjacks you always fancied trying.

pottedstu, Oct 19 2001

What do pregnancy craving mean? http://www.babycent...n/4444.html?CP_bid=
You need a hug. [pottedstu, Oct 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Harmful cravings http://pregnancy.ab...eekly/aa011100a.htm
Of course, men would be way too sensible to eat dirt. Or cottage cheese. [pottedstu, Oct 19 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I got me a hankerin' fer some spiders http://degraeve.com/images/20021015.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 22 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Pregnancy Belt http://mashable.com...ies-pregnancy-belt/
[theircompetitor, Jun 12 2013]


       C'mon, [pottedstu]! Be a man. Take over that kitchen.
You're making me nervous with all this 'feminine side' stuff.
phoenix, Oct 20 2001

       Musth, that's my excuse.
Dog Ed, Oct 20 2001

       tell your wimmin that you read in a magazine that such and such is good for your ... skin, whatever - we believe anything we read in magazines
po, Oct 20 2001

       Meph: there doesn't seem to be a scientific consensus about the causes of pregnancy cravings in women. Dietary deficiencies may explain some of it, but probably not eating soil.   

       phoenix: OK, my next idea will involve plumbing. Or tigers with guns on their backs.
pottedstu, Oct 20 2001

       ...or something with an 8 cylinder engine. That explodes.
phoenix, Oct 20 2001

       I love pregnancy-cravings tales. Unlike everything else I've heard about the experience of being pregnant, no two stories are alike. My sister craved bacon in her pregnancies; my best friend craved fruit in hers; another friend, formerly vegetarian, was horrified to find herself craving lamb and cheese. And my grandmother craved potatoes -- raw, cold, hard potatoes.   

       Grandma craved raw potatoes so much that, during one of her pregnancies, her husband caught her trying to eat the russets they had stored down in the root cellar -- dirt and all. Delicate flower, she wasn't.   

       My Grandma never had a problem with dirt. She used to tell us kids, straight-faced: "You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die."   

       Fortunately, I'm nowhere near my quota.
1percent, Oct 21 2001

       So if you die now, you'll have failed?
sam, Dec 16 2001

       I don't think you HAVE to eat a peck of dirt but you probably DO. more worrying than that is the thought that most people swallow 3 or 4 spiders during their life. Mouth open during sleep I believe, now that is disgusting. Patrick Moore once famously swallowed a fly on live TV.
po, Dec 16 2001

       Oddly, I didn't crave so much as despise food I formerly had liked. I couldn't look at spaghetti, for instance, for a very long time after pregnancy.
bristolz, Dec 16 2001

       Good thing you didn't get the marinated herring (sild).
bristolz, Dec 16 2001

       So you want to crave crazy types of food huh? Go smoke some of that whacky tobaccy.
KLRico, Oct 27 2003

       The craziest thing I ever craved was mustard on a ham and cheese sub sandwich with like three kinds of cheese. (I'm REALLY picky)

       My mother told me that she always craved oranges when she was pregnant with me and I love oranges. And with my sister she craved chicken pot pie.
flamingcrackmonkey, Oct 28 2003


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