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Muffin Drug Masking

Fail the company drug-test because of 'Muffin Lovin'?
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Drug testing is becoming a commonplace method for determining your base worth in the corporate structure. You're clean...you're ok. You're an opium freak...you're history. So what about all of us poor saps that love poppy seed muffins? Did you know that poppy seeds show up as opium, in a drug test, if not carefully screened? No more muffins??!! <shudder>

Simple answer. Add drug masking products to the muffins during preparation. This way we can all enjoy our muffins while keeping our jobs.

Now, as for my brownies...

Reverend D, Jun 24 2001


       Yes, we saw that "Seinfeld". A hoot it was. Now more about these..."drug masking products", was it?
The Military, Jun 24 2001


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