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ketchup fries

ketchup-flavored fries
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Since there are already chips of every kind of flavor such as barbeque flavored and ranch flavored why not put the flavor of ketchup in fries. This will eliminate the overall messiness that comes from having to use another container to dip fries into, not to mention the safer we will be able to drive due to not having to take our eyes off the road while dipping.
sammmy, Nov 29 2000

(?) Official French Fries Page. http://www.tx7.com/fries/index.html
Tests and statistics and WAY too much time on your hands... [StarChaser, Nov 29 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Pik-Nik Ketchup Flavored Fries http://taquitos.net....php?snack_code=609
Seems similar to what [centauri] posted, except these are french fry shaped... [ton80, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked, in the form of the rather nasty ketchup-flavored potato chips. Bad, bad idea. I spit on it: PTU! It's hard to place exactly what went catastrophically wrong with this concept (or my spelling while describing it), but it must be partly that the ketchup is in powder, rather than sauce, form; that it is some cut-rate form of ketchup; and that every chip gets the same amount of it. Ick.   

       Oh, and you get super bonus extra points for eating while you drive.   

       By the way, points are bad.
centauri, Nov 29 2000, last modified Mar 30 2001

       I didn't think potato chips were fried like french fries, thats why they can have all those flavorings on them. French fries are dipped in hot(and I mean hot 'cause I got scars from it) greese for about 3 min. Now, if there were a ketchup flavored salt... And peoplelike to have their fries fresh and hot
barnzenen, Nov 29 2000

       Sort of baked, but for another product: the cheese burger. It possible to order a cheese burger from chip shops in the UK where the cheese is integrated *inside* the burger. So you might think you've been sold a dud, untill you bite into it.   

       I don't think this would help the man who likes his dinner while driving (except for the reduced risk of burger/bun slippage caused by the presence of an unmelted cheese slice and too liberally applied sauce), and I'm at a loss to explain why whoever thought of this in the first place condsidered it a useful invention. I mean it must save, oh, literaly two seconds on every burger produce.
mcscotland, Mar 30 2001

       Other way around, I'd think, you'd have to incorporate the cheese, rather than just whapping a slice on top.   

       I've tried that, anyway, and the result is unutterably greasy, molten cheese oozing out all over your fingers when you bite it...   

       Potato chips are deep-fried, aside from 'baked' ones, then salted and flavored when they come out, while they're still greasy.   

       I personally prefer my fries sans glop...
StarChaser, Mar 31 2001

       Hear, hear, StarChaser! On the rarest occasion that I'm eating fries while seated and feeling a bit peckish, I'll go for just a touch of mustard, but by and large, fries should be served and consumed sans glop.
absterge, Apr 02 2001

       Aye to the above. And for the gorger-on-the-go, wouldn't the overpowering urge to gag be distracting? To be serious, I doubt I'm the only creature on this realm who uses *cold* catsup to nuetralize the imminent tongue-burning. Thanks,
Tzvi, Jun 06 2001

       While I can appreciate the need to eat fries w/ketchup and drive at the same time, I don't think I could stomach the flavor of the fake ketchup. Why can't these fast food joints offer malt vinegar packets with their fries? I love it and it would be easy to drive with. Doesn't everyone in the uk eat fries (chips) with malt vinegar?
human411, Aug 16 2001

       Not everyone, though I concede that it's overwhelmingly the most popular option.
My local supermarket sells salt-and-vinegar-flavoured seasoning.
angel, Aug 16 2001

       My circle of friends refer to salt and vinegar chips as 'douche chips' ...
StarChaser, Aug 17 2001

       Of course, (as you may have heard in Pulp Fiction) in the Low Countries we eat our Fries / Chips / Patates Frites with mayonnaise. This is truly something I can recommend to the rest of the world. If someone here is brave enough (or un- or non-disgusted enough) to try this, I'd really like to know how you liked it. Linking back to the original idea, applying mayonnaise-flavor to fries would of course not be an option. It's the creamy greasyness that's important.
Dasjes, Sep 26 2001

       I have been known to enjoy (UK) chips with mayonnaise, especially my home-made version. It's nowhere near as disgusting as might be expected, bearing in mind the origin.
However, you guys also put cherry flavouring in beer, and *that* is utterly foul!
angel, Sep 26 2001

       I usually mix about 2 packets of mayonnaise with 3 packets of ketsup to create a grand sauce that is wonderful for fries. I highly recommend it. Said sauce is also good on pizza, baked potatoes, steaks, and probably a lot of other stuff I've yet to try.
barnzenen, Sep 26 2001

       Chips with mayonnaise are fine. Kriek is finer.
Lemon, Sep 26 2001

       Chips with tartare sauce is also a pretty fine option.

But anyway...I'm guessing these chips would be sold in burger joints, so does that mean they need to supply an alternative plain option for those of us that aren't of a ketchup persuasion? Extra cost? I can't see the McDonald's or Burger Kings of the world liking that.
Debble, Dec 21 2001

       I'll try it when they can infuse a *really* good bearnaise sauce into the fried potato thing.
snarfyguy, Dec 22 2001

       I'd like to add that the fast-food places in Mexico usually serve french fries "papas a la francesa" with packets of Chili Sauce. While not a fan of hot, spicy food (being Puertorrican) I think it would be good as a zesty variation of the usual fries smothered in ketchup (or catsup as it is called in Mexico)
lforest, Apr 30 2002

       Not quite the fast food version, but this one has been baked! (See link)
ton80, Feb 14 2003

       How about french fry flavoured ketchup?   

       (insert pre-emptive obligatory eeewwww!)
Cedar Park, Feb 15 2003

       Yes, it's baked and aging further on shelves of 99¢ stores. Malt Vinegar with Tabasco Sauce.
thumbwax, Feb 15 2003

       You can get a side order of ketchup fries with your happy meal, but I get the first two.   

       But then you wouldn't be ...
snarfyguy, Feb 22 2003

       Mayo, ketchup, ANYTHING salty/spicy on french fries makes them taste really good. Of course, as [lforest]said, nothing better than hot sauce on them.   

       Still, I think it'd be a good idea to have ketchup-filled french fries. You get the exact amount of ketchup on each bite, and you won't have to get your attention off the road to dip while driving. I think this is rather easy to do.
Pericles, Feb 22 2003

       I love this idea except for the fact that I don't like fat fries and I think it would be rather difficult to get ketchup inside skinny fries.
tchaikovsky, Aug 16 2003


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