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Multipart lens Fresnel glasses

Big. Strong. Sort of weird.
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BUNGCO optometrists are aware of the plastic presson grooved things that one can press onto windows and glasses lens that are called Fresnel - yes, yes, and they are fine. But here were are thinking of the Fresnel lens as devised for lighthouse use. This type of lens was revolutionary because very large lenses could be constructed out of multiple pieces, sidestepping the need to make one very large perfect piece. The lenses are multiple curved pieces of glass arranged together in sculpturesque harmonious glowing wonders; it is worth a google or a visit in person should one's travels bring the interested person near one of these lenses.

That is what we want for our glasses lenses. Lots of pieces, like an unfolding flower. Of course these glasses will not be 3 meters tall (yet...) but rather tiny component lenses made with watchmaker precision and arranged to simulate one larger, eyeglass sized lens. The lens may still protrude outwards more than is common for ordinary glasses, which is all fine.

These component lenses are mounted not on fixed boring struts but rather firm springs, allowing each of the multiple components to jiggle slightly relative to the others.

bungston, Nov 01 2016


       [+] walking not recommended.
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2016

       [+] for idea, and usage of the word //sculpturesque //
whatrock, Nov 01 2016


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