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Man themed candles
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Man. Candles. Mandles.

Philly cheese steak candle that smells like, well...

Oil container that smells like, oil.

Sweaty work boot.

The perfect gag gift.


I actually made a fist out of plaster of paris, poured wax in and threw in a wick. It was pretty manly. hahaha.

boogalooShrimp, Jan 13 2007

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       dire quality of this idea makes me suspicious..... goes off to check on some earlier research, leaves bone in wake [-]
xenzag, Jan 13 2007

       //I used to climb out of a tailpipe covered completely in black.//   

       Either that was one heck of a tail pipe or you are some kind of mechanic Leprechan.
C'mon now, which is it?

       Can't we just shove a wick on a man's head and burn him? The ultimate break-up gift.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 14 2007

       //Can't we just shove a wick on a man's head and burn him?//   

       Is it something we said?
pertinax, Jan 16 2007

       I do not mean we should burn men, i only emphasise the ones that are particularly unbearable. I hastily reassure that this is in not directed at any male HBs, you're all fine fellows and should in no way be persecuted for your gender.. :)
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 16 2007


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