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An enhancement to Google Maps, and others...
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Maybe this is already done so please let me know but why not allow one to customize your map directions to include (or exclude) other beneficial things like:

1. Use "Landmarks" as directions instead of "Distance". So instead of "turn left in 12 kms @ Jenkins St" it writes "Turn left at MacDonalds". This would be useful for my girlfriend since she's not good with maps and prefers landmarks to find her way.

2. Include weather conditions in the directions which match with what the weather will be like at the time you arrive (when this feature is on you give it a time when you will be leaving and the speed you will be driving on avg). For example, it shows you will experience "Fog" when you get to London in 2hrs.

3. Can customize how things look on a map (you can upload your own pictures) and save this profile so that when you come back to get directions it will use your pic objects instead.

4. Can share your customized map looks with others (would be useful for other family members who think the same way).

5. Users can upload photos and leave comments on locations on the map for others to see when they want to include "others photos and comments" in their directions.

6. Traffic details adjustments -- based on traffic history in your driving directions (including time it expects you to arrive at certain points) this feature can be turned on to have it adjust your route for what it expects as potential traffic (based on history of that location).

8. Can tell the map to include ads (promos) for places that you will be passing during your trip (maybe you may want to stop and get a deal on something).

This seems all doable by pulling together things like the Yellowpages, google maps (or other map service), weather channel, etc...all the information is online you just have to pull it together and make it happen.

Ok, now to watch the FISHBONE count rise! :-)

quantass, Mar 15 2009


       It's a simple enough concept, but I don't think it is done (yet). They would have to be careful with what businesses they choose as landmarks, because the business could be gone a month after they mark it as a landmark. McDonalds should be fine though; an unwavering universal constant. I've never seen one close. Never.
knowtion, Mar 15 2009

       I saw a Wal-Mart move to 3 different locations in the space of 5-6 years, all within the same block.
FlyingToaster, Mar 15 2009

       The mc in our town just closed last month.
zeno, Mar 15 2009

       @zeno - There must be some Extenuating circumstances; A fire, flood, tornado, haunting, earthquake... something beyond McD's control. They wouldn't just "close" a store... would they?   

       Sorry quantass, a little off topic here... just trying to establish a good landmark to dabble with.
knowtion, Mar 15 2009

       This is a very good idea indeedy. I was talking with a semi-driver just the other day about this subject.   

       He said they no longer use street names or signs to tell each other how to get to specific places. Instead they use Dunkin Donut locations since there are so many and they can get coffee at the same time.
blissmiss, Mar 15 2009

       Derbyshire can be navigated purely by the names of the pubs. It's true!
Skrewloose, Mar 16 2009

       (2) An even better feature would be if it would tell you what the weather will be all along your route, at the particular times you will be in those places. Especially useful would if it could audibly warn you about fog, hail, black ice, or other hazards.   

       (5) Doesn't google maps already have this?   

       (6) Isn't the traffic details adjustment baked by TomTom?   

       Of course, far superior to adjustments based purely on location, it should adjust based on a combo of location, time of day, day of the week, season of the year, and current traffic conditions.   

       Thus, during morning rush hour, on a weekday, it might plan my route differently than a nighttime route or a weekend.   

       Similarly, it should not send me on a route past a school, during the times of the day that students are arriving/departing; but if it's nighttime, or a weekend, or summer vacation, it should be no worse than any other road. I'm not suggesting here that it "know" about schools, but merely learn based on traffic history.   

       (8) I'm surprised that this part isn't already baked :)
goldbb, Mar 16 2009

       Well then have you called the Google Maps folks yet?
blissmiss, Mar 20 2009

       Thanks for the encouragement!!!
quantass, May 18 2009


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