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Name that town.

Just a google maps game.
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On a different idea, [scad] posted a coned in Google Map view. I wondered what city it was from. I had to fly up a long way before I figured it out.

In Name that Town, you are an itinerant superhero who flies thru the night. In the morning you wonder where you are. How high do you have to fly before you can figure it out.

You start with a close view of the square on the map and then incrementally click the - button flying upwards.

The labels help a lot. It would be very tricky without but definitely more challenging.

bungston, Jul 15 2011

coned http://www.traildam...ils/index.php?id=38
[normzone, Jul 16 2011]

Coned in http://www.wormwork...ints_full_lores.jpg
[pocmloc, Jul 17 2011]


       1) [+]   

       2) Are you a radiologist?
mouseposture, Jul 15 2011

       1: Yeah! 2: No - ? do radiologists do this thing?
bungston, Jul 15 2011

       OK, here's my chance to learn who else, besides radiologists, says "coned in."
mouseposture, Jul 15 2011

       Coned? [link]   

       I'm currently playing google earth games with somebody in Australia - she provides clues to her location and I look for her house.   

       No really, it's all innocent, I'm just playing with GE, I swear.   

       Fine, don't believe me, I understand ;-)
normzone, Jul 16 2011

       // posted a coned in Google Map view //   

       So I was supposed to parse that phrase as a map view that was coned-in? Because I thought someone had, in Google Map view, posted a picture of a coned, whatever a coned is--a conehead, a Consolidated Edison, two guys named Ned?   

       Thanks, [mouseposture]. My head was hurting.
baconbrain, Jul 16 2011

       / OK, here's my chance to learn who else, besides radiologists, says "coned in." /   

       Maybe just them, and now me. My dad is one.
bungston, Jul 16 2011

       and people who sell ice cream cones. Presumably.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 16 2011

       I was wondering why it was supposedly so hard to find ConEd... I thought maybe we weren't allowed to use the keyboard. I stand enlightened.   

       Oh, and it's ice cream vendors. Radiologists and ice cream vendors use the term 'coned.' I dunno about the cone- makers, or 'coners,' as they prefer to be called (okay, I made that part up).
Alterother, Jul 17 2011

       Hmm, Brisbane.
nineteenthly, Jul 18 2011

       Zzzzzzzzt! Wrong. Please try again.
Alterother, Jul 18 2011


       <thinks....future generations of Halfbakers still playing the game only to find bungston's descendants had the map upside down and it wasn't Notlob after all>
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2011


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