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Mark silly ideas

Authors - just mark them thats all I ask!
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I am not a killjoy! I have nothing against floating ninja cows. I love hair-extensions that double-up as skipping ropes. Just once in a while I'm not in the mood!

Right -- an author selected tick-box that says to the reader 'OK I'm having a laugh and being a bit silly - so come in and read my sillyness if you fancy it'. Selected (optionally) at time of idea entry. This is displayed in the form of somthing like a small clown's face next to the idea name on all menus throughout the site.

I am not dissing silly ideas I love them 80% of the time!

Just means you can easily immediately see 'silly ideas' if your in the mood, 'serious ideas' if you're in the mood without needing to open the idea.

Speeds up the navigation, and stops unnecessary bits slowing down the bakery if you just don't fancy reading the real silly stuff some days. Also will undoubtably reduce fishbones from the miserable sods who didn't like your 'free floating space monkeys for all' idea.

britboy, Jan 02 2007


       //if you just don't fancy reading the real silly stuff some day// yeah - let's make the Bakery sensible... dooohhh - I think this needs the bone of disapproval [-]
xenzag, Jan 02 2007

       The very best ideas are able to occupy both categories at once.
wagster, Jan 02 2007

       OOH! I'll bun free floating space monkeys for all!
jenifemeral, Jan 03 2007


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