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Oi! Mine!

Stop people swiping your toast!
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For the past few days someone has been swiping my toast while I'm not looking, so why not somebody make an anti-toast-swiping device? It would be a lock that would fit over your toaster, just put it on while the toast is cooking inside, you go and do whatever it is you do before going to work/school/telly-watching, and when you come back, you put your finger on the finger-print thing, it takes you print, the lock releases and you can get your toast! 'We're happy little vegemites, As bright as bright can beeeeee, We all enjoy our vegemite for breakfast, lunch, and tea...'
froglet, Feb 16 2005


       Or also known as the Australian irrefutable verification toaster.
skinflaps, Feb 16 2005

       prison life is tough. best to speak to the warden.
benfrost, Feb 16 2005

       A toaster to swipe bread through would be an improvement.
FarmerJohn, Feb 16 2005

       portable toaster? could even be attached to an iPOD?..
nicepalmtrees, Feb 16 2005

       A toaster which burns a unique barcode into the bread. Toast only relinquished on matching barcode swipe.
yamahito, Feb 16 2005

       hey yama, how do you swipe the toast without it already being in the hands of a possible thief?
po, Feb 16 2005

       Toast only takes a couple of minutes to make. Just ..... wait.
etherman, Feb 16 2005

       //so why not somebody make an anti-toast-swiping device?// I call this device "poison."
contracts, Feb 16 2005

       Another solution is hiding behind the door with a baseball bat, waiting to see who's stealing your toast, then let 'em have it (a beating, not the toast). Of course, [contracts]' idea will be a more permanent solution.
Machiavelli, Feb 16 2005

       Toast is fast, but turkey is slow. Oven locks would be good for people who have roommates.
robinism, Feb 19 2005

       //I call this device "poison."// the Aussies call it Vegimite and seem to like it, they're tough over there.
scubadooper, Feb 19 2005

       Why would anyone put fish on their toast?
<twirls finger around ear> These English are crazy.

       I'm still trying to picture this alleged toast swiping incident. Where were you when this incident occurred? How many other people could it be? Would it have been possible to follow the smell of toast to the thief's room?   

       Personally I like my toast as hot as possible, and tend not to wander off and do some gardening while the toaster does it's thang - I'm there poised, butter already on the knife. Somebody try stealing my toast, hah!
moomintroll, Feb 19 2005

       If you put the Vegemite on the bread before you toast it, that would be deterrent enough.
Basepair, Feb 19 2005

       2fries, they were trapped on an island too long. Ever see 'Castaway?'
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2005

       I don't know if everyone uses this term for it, but there is a substance you can get which I know as "bitters;" a foul tasting chemical you can put on your fingernails to train yourself out of biting them. Paint that on one part of one piece of toast.   

       You'll know where it is, but your thief won't.
Detly, Feb 22 2005

       Aromatic bitters? Like they use for some bar drinks?   

       Put BBs in the bread and listen for the cursing.
bristolz, Feb 22 2005

       Glue velcro to one side of the toast and to the plate. Then you'll hear when they rip it off.
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       [bris] - No, this is a horrible, foul tasting chemical. Parents paint them on the nails of small children to encourage them to develop a knowledge of where mum keeps her nail polish remover.
Detly, Feb 22 2005

       //Why would anyone put fish on their toast? <twirls finger around ear> These English are crazy.   

       2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 19 2005 //
I happen to like sardines on toast and I am not even Portuguese or Spanish!
gnomethang, Feb 22 2005

       Try anchovies [gnomethang], it's a rather... er.... interesting experience. [nicepalmtrees] I suppose you COULD attach a portable toaster to an iPod...[edit] this has given me a great idea, thanks [niceplamtrees]
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       I should have remembered this one earlier. Grate raw garlic and press into the toast. It looks almost like regular toast; then watch the fun begin. It's an acquired taste but the perfect set-up for certain people as well.
mensmaximus, Feb 22 2005

       [contracts] I'm pretty sure that my family wouldn't appreciate it if I proceeded to kill off my two brothers and my sister... Or if I beat them up with a baseball bat for that matter, but it might get me deported to back where I came from... [robinism] Has the thought ever occured to you that some idiot decides to lock the door of the oven, then 'lose' the key to it?
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       "...Grate raw garlic and press into the toast..." Provided the thief is hard of smelling.
bristolz, Feb 22 2005

       You could always take a bite of the bread before putting it in the toaster... that'd stop most people. :)
ghillie, Feb 22 2005

       Most people, maybe...but not siblings and significant others. They can be so annoying sometimes! hee.
Machiavelli, Feb 22 2005

       Well, you could spit on it. That would work better.
Cats Whiskers, Feb 22 2005

       I'd love to see my elder brothers face if I told him I'd gobbed on it!>:>
froglet, Feb 23 2005


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