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Marriage Credits

Years of sentence minus years in marriage equals time in prison
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While the evils of domestic violence are obvious the hard time put in by devoted husbands and wives has always gone unrecognized as a spendable commodity. In cases of sentences laid down in marital violence convictions, let's reduce sentences by the number of years endured in the loveless marriage before the crime was committed. 20 year sentence, 17 year marriage= 3 years in prison. Marriages lasting 50 years have "domestic immunity" whereby any crimes commited by either party against the other goes unpunished.
raisin, Sep 26 2000

Dunmow Flitch http://www.sparkle....itch/flitch_02.html
Unrecognized? Nonsense. You can get half a pig. [hello_c, Sep 26 2000]


       Does this apply to money grubbing ex-wives too?
thumbwax, Sep 26 2000

       I figure if you divorce before committing the crime, credits should be forfeited. It needs some work I can see.
raisin, Sep 26 2000

       10 year sentence, 20 years marriage = Get Out Of Jail Free card for any future offences.
Alcin, Sep 27 2000

       Virtue is, here as elsewhere, its own reward.   

       Besides, not having been a criminal for a year is nowhere else regarded as an excuse for being a criminal now. At most, it may be taken to suggest that the criminality won't recur.
hello_c, Sep 27 2000

       If you pay an ex-wife monthly for 13 years and counting you're forfeiting your rights to everything you could do with money that you earn.
thumbwax, Sep 28 2000


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