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Marriage License Test

Five questions wrong -- no license
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The drivers license test is a test to determine if you are competent enough to operate a dangerous device in public. The marriage license test would be one to determine if you are stalwart enough to withstand the exigencies of this dangerous proposition.
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

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Tangentially related link. Very funny, I thought. [hippo, Apr 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Excellent idea   

       "OK, now forgive this indiscretion. Good. Now right here at this point of personality conflict, show her you understand that, even though she is 'fond of large gestures and prone to histrionics', it's just her way and it doesn't make her a bad person. Very good. You pass."
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2001

       Do you get to practice immediately before the marksmanship portion of the test?
thumbwax, Apr 24 2001

       Would prevent situations like my friend attending a weddng where there was a betting pool at the reception on how long the marriage would last.
kitsune, Apr 24 2001

       Good idea. But ...   

       What would be in the tests? What/ who are the teachers & examiners?   

       A Learner's & Provisional-Marriage License too? The Learner must have an accompanying, qualified adult to supervise.   

       How would we determine speed limits, load limits, etc?   

       Should there be a time period before applicants can re-test? Are licences transferable between states, nations, sexes, ages, etc? How long can the licence last before re-examination? Who determines, & How, of the loss of a license?
gz, Apr 25 2001

       The test would be easy, gz. One question. Can you show you've been living together for 3 years?   

       It would cut divorce rates, and costs.   

       Just as important, it would cut the number of unhappy marriages.   

       And maybe it would help diminish the compulsion to marry, since so much of that is culturally generated and maintained.
Colin, May 17 2003

       Question #1: When a disagreement arises, is the bride-to-be:   

       1) Always right
2) Always right, and you're wrong
3) Always right, and you're stupid for asking
4) Always right, and her mother is, too.

       Question #2: How is the toilet seat to be left?   

       1)What's a toilet?
2)Where's the toilet?
3)It's got a seat?
4)In the 'fully-down' position

       Question #3: The in-laws are coming over, and they need a place to sleep in your tiny house. You should:   

       1)Buy a tent for them
2)Make a reservation at the local brothel-motel
3)Vaccuum the couch for them to sleep on
4)Offer them the bed. You don't deserve it anyway.
Cedar Park, May 17 2003

       Ok, so you cram for the test & pass, or you've taken it so many times you can't fail, or you're just lucky as all get out & pass... and you get married & it's determined that while you're good at tests, you are markedly less proficient at real life - is there going to be someone to suspend or revoke marriage licenses? Seems like the next logical step to me!   

       Yeah, I've had my marriage licence suspended, I'm not allowed to marry for twelve months...   

       Wonder if you'd find people blowing the test on purpose? Hm...
BayRatt, May 18 2003


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