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Marriage as IPO

Stupid over-application of 'business' metaphor to a marriage
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A and B get married. They grant themselves pre-IPO options in their relationship which vest gradually, becoming fully vested at retirement age. As their net worth increases over the years the value of these options increases (Hmmm - this could be an incentive to divorce and cash out all your vested options...). Children are granted options at birth which vest over the following 18 years.
hippo, Apr 11 2000


       ...and this also demonstrates the stupid use of that business metaphor when it is used in business.   

       When a company transitions from "startup" to "pre-IPO," everything changes. New people come in at the top without any shared vision about the company. People at the bottom who have the emotional investment in the company change attitudes. Now they want to clench their cheeks, keep their mouths shut and wait to vest. Then they're out the door as soon as they've earned the FYIV t-shirt!   

agentv, Apr 12 2000

       Hey, why not sell options to a marriage?
phatelle, Apr 22 2000

       Yeah, I can think of a couple of relationships where I would have made money on marriage futures.
normzone, Feb 05 2013


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