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marriage option

5 year renewal option
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if , after 5 years, you want out, there is a one-time, no-fee optoion
selena, Nov 28 2000

The MarriageLease(tm) http://www.TheMarriageLease.blogspot.com
A place dedicated to the Evolution of Marriage: The MarriageLease [EOMTML, Nov 20 2007]


       I think this was one of the forms of classical Roman marriage.
hello_c, Nov 30 2000

       A marriage option would be the classic "If neither of us are married ten years down the road, let's get married." Generally not enforceable under contract law.   

       Anyway, how would the "divorce option" differ from an ordinary divorce with PNA?
bookworm, Nov 30 2000

       At our public weddding reception, I promised a "five year guarantee or money back" ! This I could do, because my partner & I did 2 pre-marriage courses (2 different religions), plus I know that most marriages last 7 years or less, and we are both professional do-gooders (counsellors, social workers, etc).   

       Renewable contracts, like residential leases, are good.
gz, Apr 25 2001

       Why not every 5 years?
cheeselikesubstance, Jul 23 2001

       Why buy a book when you can join a library?
Pallex, Jul 23 2001

       You get tax breaks.
lewisgirl, Jul 23 2001

       Not any more, you don't. The Married Person's tax allowance was abolished last year.
angel, Jul 23 2001

       I always liked libraries better anyway. Even when I own a book. Or two.
lewisgirl, Jul 23 2001

       When we got married, I told my wife that when she turned 36 I reserved the right to trade her in on two 18 year olds. (This sounds cruel out of context, but my wife appreciates my sense of humor)
phoenix, Jul 23 2001

       Halfbaked for years in various SF.
StarChaser, Jul 23 2001

       A tradition among certain pagans is to vow to stay together "a year and a day". It's viewed as 1) a "trial" relationship, as well as 2) romantic because you have to re-commit after the first year.
Onalee, Sep 08 2001

       What happens if a partner opts out after 4 1/2 years?
thumbwax, Sep 08 2001

       At The MarriageLease(tm) we happen to agree. In fact, we believe that a marriage lease would work best if it was agreed to a period between 4-7 years with only one option to renew making the marriage valid 'till death do us part' and hopefully able to work through the challenges and avoid 'The Forever Factor'.
EOMTML, Nov 20 2007


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