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Martyr Logs

Fire logs with a religious twist
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For those who are devoutly Catholic (or twisted pyromaniacs) and want to celebrate a martyr's feast day, I introduce to you Martyr Logs. Martyr Logs are typical prefabricated fireplace logs that are formed into a very basic human shape. The wrapper is then decorated to look like whichever martyr is desired, as well as containing a brief history of them and perhaps a prayer to pray to them.

Joan of Arc, Jan Hus, William Tyndale, Hugh Latimer & Nicholas Ridley would be logical starting points. Logs would be released a month ahead of time, akin to holidays. July and August saints could be celebrated with an evening campfire.

bdag, Oct 06 2009

Grates_20of_20Hell clinker version [xenzag, Oct 06 2009]

Match Burns http://thescotsman....ke-worth.5086647.jp
Burns burns in Burns celebration. [pocmloc, Oct 06 2009]


       You're right. Those Vikings sure did know how to disrespect their warriors.
bdag, Oct 06 2009

       This is true. The upside of this idea is that while you can only burn Nicholas Ridley at the stake once, you could burn him in effigy time and time again.   

       Maybe a process could be devised whereby portions of his limbs and internal organs were sucessively surgically removed, without actually causing his immediate death .... then the burning could be spread out over quite a long festival.   

       Maybe a bit of him could be burnt every year, with the added benefit that up to the last burning, he would be there to watch (one eye could be left so he could enjoy the event as much as everyone else).
8th of 7, Oct 06 2009


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