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Mass Diet

Count grams, not calories
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This diet is very simple. 1. Day 1: Eat Whatever you wish. In fact, eat too much. 2. Weigh yourself immediately after eating. 3. You may eat and drink whatever you want from then on, so long as your mass never exceeds (Weight-time*loss). In the event that your weight is currently too high, you are permitted to drink plain water.

Fulfilling step 3 will require either a highly precise scale or for the meals you eat to be measured going both ways.

The ugly part of this diet is that poor choices of meals don't necessarily digest the same way. Choosing the wrong foods might result in a starvation penalty. I'm pretty sure this diet is dangerous, but because it approaches weight loss directly (i.e. based on the actual weight of the food/drink), it can't fail (unless the practictioner doesn't follow it or dies).

aguydude, May 27 2008

The Great Starvation Experiment of 1944 http://en.wikipedia...arvation_Experiment
[Klaatu, May 28 2008]

Firsthand account http://americanradi...atures/wwii/a1.html
[Klaatu, May 28 2008]

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       Problem with "normal" diets is the body thinks it's starving and starts saving up fat "for a rainy day" (seriously, look it up).   

       Interesting take, but I'll save the + until others... weigh in.
FlyingToaster, May 27 2008

       The problem is, the dieter will eat fat to compensate for water- and waste- weight lost
Voice, May 28 2008

       amend "2" to read "weigh yourself holding an empty plate, and then at step 3 weigh yourself with a plateful of food before you chow down.
FlyingToaster, May 28 2008

       Voice: If the dieter eats fat to compensate for weight lost, the dieter will eventually stop losing weight and be forced to stop eating. So this will not stop the diet from working, though it may cause the participant to be disallowed food for a period of time.
aguydude, May 28 2008


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