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Objects On The Plate May Be Smaller Than They Appear

Reduce your appetite by magnifying your food.
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It's often been said that eyes can be bigger than bellies and that a smaller full plate helps people eat less. This is because of the optical illusion of a helping of food being smaller than it appears.

Moreover, on being confronted with a long straight road ahead of one, one may feel discouraged from exercising.

Enter the Magnifying Glass Diet And Exercise Programme. The person wishing to lose weight and become healthier and fitter, three separate but often associated aims, dons a pair of magnifying spectacles which make their meal look bigger, eats said dinner and then embarks on a brisk post- prandial perambulation to burn off the kilojoules, to a location which is in fact more distant than it looks, thereby reducing calorific intake while increasing offburniness.

Furthermore, these glasses should magnify the wearers' eyes to look to others to be larger than their bellies. Corsets could help here.

A final benefit could be the provision of lamps behind the glasses in order to allow the dieter to bake/incinerate their prospective food, thereby further reducing its usable energy content.

nineteenthly, Sep 30 2017


       This may very well be the best idea I've read here on this page. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 30 2017

       What [MaxwellBuchanan] said - teeeny tiny bun
Dub, Sep 30 2017

       How about IoT blue light bulbs? I read that fast food companies use warm colors like red at the restaurants to get people to eat faster. If I remember it was 1/3 faster. So having one of those already existing color change lightbulbs and setting it to blue might make people eat more gradually.
beanangel, Sep 30 2017

       One should need absolutely no extra reason whatsoever to wear a corset.   

       I heard about a commune where people "broke set" for taking acid by dyeing food blue. They later continued to do it when they realised it cut their food bills because nobody wanted to eat it.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2017


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