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No clothes diet

Raise basal metabolic rate through decreased insulation
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Clothes keep the wearer warm, reducing the rate at which heat energy can exit the body. Anyone wishing to lose weight could remove all of their clothing to promote the transfer of heat to their environment. This technique would work best in climates cold enough to induce shivering.
FishFinger, Feb 11 2009

The Church of No-Pants The_20Church_20of_20No-Pants
Redundant with this idea, I think. [hippo, Feb 11 2009]


       Two points:   

       1. Cold increases appetite   

       2. Basal metabolic rate is defined in thermally neutral conditions; cold raises the metabolic rate, but not the BMR.
spidermother, Feb 11 2009

       don't eat clothes?
jaksplat, Feb 11 2009

       //Cold increases appetite//
What sort of "appetite"?
coprocephalous, Feb 11 2009

       How about chilled overalls? You'd probably have to carry a battery back pack around, so that would keep you fit when there wasn't a wall socket handy.   

       I think you can get air-conditioned bike jackets, I thought of them years ago but I think I found them on Gizmag or somewhere.   

       Actually, doesn't being too hot help you lose weight? Perhaps a competing Many Clothes Diet will spring up.
marklar, Feb 11 2009

       I think being seen in public, naked would put me, and no doubt other people, off their food. +
Aristotle, Feb 11 2009

       All the wrong people would would be clothesless. -
loonquawl, Feb 11 2009

       Why is there //no clothes diet//? What did you do with the clothes diet?
vincevincevince, Feb 11 2009

       If a person were cold all the time would the body not try harder to retain a layer of blubber?   

       (mumbles something about naked lunch...)
xandram, Feb 11 2009

       My guess is this would make for a lot of starving/malnourished naked people. Since malnutrition leads to lowered body temperature, they'd be liable to die from hypothermia, which I guess is one way of solving the obesity problem.
Spacecoyote, Feb 11 2009

       Undressed salad?
vincevincevince, Feb 11 2009


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