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Post-It Toilet Seat

Peel off.
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Instead of the flimsy disposable toilet seat covers, have a toilet-seat-shaped block of nylon-reinforced (water-resistant) oval ring Post-Its. Stick the whole block on the toilet seat. When you need to use the toilet, just peel off the top layer.
Veho, Jun 28 2009

A la turk? http://en.wikipedia...ondo_%C3%A0_la_Turk
[normzone, Jun 28 2009]

(?) OK, I guessed "a la turque" would just confuse http://picasaweb.go...E39_qQ45oyfm0g08m-g
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 28 2009]


blissmiss, Jun 28 2009

       I'm not sure about this one. I'm pretty sure, that given the time, bodily fluids (not to speak of bacteria/viruses) would not find it too difficult to seep through a few post-it layers down. So unless you're planning on using oval shaped condoms that you can sit on, I'm not sure I'd trust this one.
imho, Jun 28 2009

       That's where the nylon comes in. Most bodily fluids aren't caustic enough to burn through a sheet of plastic. I'll edit the description to include this. 21, I've looked, couldn't find anything.
Veho, Jun 28 2009

       Stuff would also creep in between the post-its from the edges. It's a shame, because untold millions of people die every year from diseases caught from loo seats.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2009

       //untold millions of // Ooops - sorry. I meant "hardly any".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2009

       doesn't matter if it does or doesn't "seep" . It is a creepy (read: crappy) idea, and I would not ever ever ever use one.
dentworth, Jun 28 2009

       I once went to a French loo* that had a sort of creeping mains-powered toilet seat polythene tube that wound out of the right-hand end of the hinge-end, and back into the left-hand end.
A sort of bog-seat condom.


       *Though when I lived there, cafe loos were frequently a la Turk, so no seat hygiene necessary.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 28 2009

       A la turk? (link)
normzone, Jun 28 2009

       MB hah   

       has anyone actually eaten a toilet seat as opposed to eaten off one?
po, Jun 28 2009

       A la turque [link]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 28 2009

       //has anyone actually eaten a toilet seat as opposed to eaten off one?//   

       Oddly enough, yes. In the 1950's there was a popular entertainer known as "Mack the Jaws", who made a living eating things. Wine glasses, small/medium mammals (dead but fully skeletally intact), domestic utensils, shower heads and - from time to time - loo seats.   

       He did, however, die only 48 hours after eating a loo seat (and also a ballcock). He was hit by a motorcycle whilst crossing the road to greet a friend. A sad loss to the worlds of gastronomy and entertainment.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 28 2009

       A friend of mine got pregnant from a toilet seat... I think it's quite common, as well as all the other ailments.   

       I would vote for a hover-seat, where jets of air coming up from a series of holes ensure that your bum never actually touches the seat at all, but hovers a few millimeters above it. Did I just invent something?
xenzag, Jun 28 2009

       xenzag, further research would be worthwhile, I think, into your concept. Overcoming flesh rippling and oscillation may prove challenging.
tatterdemalion, Jun 28 2009

       If you can concoct a case for "flesh rippling and oscillation" defeating cellulite, or some such application, there could be money in it.
normzone, Jun 28 2009

       My mom used to use one of those vibrating belt machines that wrapped around your butt and thighs. On Saturday mornings I could hear her trying to rid herself of her gin and tonics of the night before. (She thought the water weight caused the bumples in her legs and behind.)   

       Brummmmmmm, brummmmm, go away gin...brummm brummm, go away tonic.....
blissmiss, Jun 28 2009

       You could probably get Frank Zappa to endorse this product.   

       //Overcoming flesh rippling and oscillation may prove challenging//
I think these would be trivial compared to solving the problem of blow-back. {{{shudders}}}
coprocephalous, Jun 29 2009

       When I read the title, I thought, disposable toilet covers which you first pull out of a dispenser, and then stick to the toilet seat, with post-it type adhesive so it doesn't slide around.   

       Now that idea, I would bun.   

       But sitting on a block of oval post-its, with a flat top, and vertical sides, and an uncomfortable square edge between vertical and horizontal... even if fluids didn't seep in around the edges, I'd have to say, no thanks, so [-]
goldbb, Jun 29 2009

       Gross! Who the hell wants to sit on a memo pad toilet seat? Haha, interesting idea though.
FurbyWithESP, Jun 30 2009

       Oh, and as for the hover-potty- BAD IDEA. S*** would fly. Everywhere.
FurbyWithESP, Jun 30 2009

       We could always do as the Japanese and just squat. Lower cases of hemhorroids that way.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2009

       How much lower? Mine are down around my knees as it is
BunsenHoneydew, Jul 02 2009

       sorry but this won't work - any hint of dribbles or dampness would spoil the whole pile
po, Jul 02 2009


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