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Massage in a Bottle

Floating in the ocean
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As I walked upon the shore
A-waiting evermore
For Love never meant to be
Lost at temptuous sea
- Anonymous

Various chemicals will froth and bubble upon contact with other certain chemicals. Some of these chemicals are non-toxic (Alka-Seltzer and vinegar). AlkaSeltzer will react with many things. It is a very bubbly reaction

A Dream Idea
A large tub is filled with a mildly acidic solution (I'd choose lemon juice) and then a large, plate sized Alka-Seltzer is broken into hand sized chunks and dropped in. You slip into the tub veeeeery carefully and enjoy.

A Real Idea
For the many of us who dont have tubs of lemon juice, here is the Massage in a Bottle; a simple, fun thing. A bottle has a divider running through the middle. The two liquids, kept inside, are squirted onto the massagee's back, and upon contact with each other, the foam and bubble like mad, creating the Massage in a Bottle.

DesertFox, Feb 07 2006

Bath bombs http://www.mcssl.co...products/bath-bombs
[Klaatu, Jul 23 2011]


       Sweet !. s.
sirau, Jul 06 2011

Zimmy, Jul 23 2011

       Baked <link>
Klaatu, Jul 23 2011


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