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Lightning Strike

Getting struck by lightning has never been so fun
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An tournament in which a reasonable amount of players (10 maybe?)with their team of 5 other men/women go to any location of their choice looking for the biggest storm. Contestants have 1 month to monitor weather and find the biggest storm. They only get one chance, so they better pick a good one. They wear a suit that endures the electricity without the player getting harmed. The suit is attached to an ammeter which measures the amount of current flowing in the partipant's suit (measured in amperes). The participant can get as high as he can (mountain, building, etc.) and can use a pole of his choice to attract the lightning (max.10 feet ).

The player with the most current running through his suit wins a cool trophy, some money ($50,000 USD) and some cheap champagne that he sprays on his teammates.

pecino, Apr 10 2006


       How about launching teathered rockets into thunderstorms? Whoever is running the game can simply issue a limited number of rockets.   

       Involving rockets makes almost anything better.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 10 2006

       <wonders whether running around in a field, wearing a funny costume, waving a jousting pole, and shouting at the cloud, will increase the likelyhood of getting struck>   

       Will streamers form so easily on a moving object?
Ling, Apr 10 2006

       So, no streakers?
zeno, Apr 11 2006

       Can we cheat and have a Van de Graaf generator at the base of the pole?
DesertFox, Apr 11 2006

       Not for cheap champagne I won't. Better up the ante.
normzone, Apr 11 2006

       fine...Krug, Clos du Mesnil 1995 champagne...$750 a bottle
pecino, Apr 11 2006

       Good luck with that suit. I'm not certain exactly how much material you'd need, but it would be quite a bit.
RayfordSteele, Apr 12 2006

       Actually, no.   

       A rubber insulation suit, combined with ground-wires leading to the soles of the boots would do fine, especially if you had a large iron plate to stand on.
DesertFox, Apr 12 2006

       A Faraday suit would work better.
Remember, lightning is powerful enough to ionise and pass thru' air, so a bit of rubber (solid, therefore atoms closer together) wouldn't pose much of a barrier.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2006

       Would need to do with disposable robots (with cameras), not people. Still would be good, though.
sophocles, Apr 13 2006


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