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Matrix Effect Photo Booth

Grind beans and pour water on them, in front of fifty cameras.
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Matrix Effect Photo Booth, lets you make a short leap (literally) into the world of special effects made famous in the popular film The Matrix. You know the one I mean, where the movement freezes in mid air but the viewer i.e. camera, rotates around the static action pose.

Instead of a small private cubicle that barely holds one person, this booth is more spacious to accommodate the array of cameras, and has a few props that you can use to spice up your action.

It's a tad more expensive to use than a simple passport booth, but you get a unique set of images burned unto dvd to take away and enjoy.

xenzag, Jul 12 2008

Immodesty // Multicamera http://www.gravityt...twork/multicam.html
Portable (sort of) multi-camera effects using cheap digital cameras. [jutta, Jul 15 2008]


       But the problem with those booths is the timer always triggers the camera at the wrong time. You'd leap in the air, hold the pose and end up with a 360 degree film of you landing awkwardly on your ass.   

       Bun anyway, because it would be amusing to see other peoples.
Bad Jim, Jul 12 2008

       { { { { ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ((([+]   

       Great idea! Welcome to the halfba...
Oh hi, xenzag. +
daseva, Jul 12 2008

       I know Kung Food!

       [2fries]: How did you do that? You moved like them!
Jinbish, Jul 12 2008

       Took the blue pill.   

       I think we can all thank our lucky stars that there is no -- at least as far as I know, and I haven't looked -- Matrix- Effect p0rn...
land, Jul 13 2008

       The set-up they used in the movie was a large (like maybe 40' or larger) circular tub lined with color-key in order to get a good distance shot away from the subject. You might have to use a very wide-angle lens on every camera. Either way, I'm sure you'd want to be at least 10'-15' away from your subject so as not to make them look distorted by the lens (and that's 10-15' away from the subject all the way around them...so a great big circular area). I'm just thinking that this would be one heck of a 'photo booth', i.e. not something that would easily fit into, say, a small corner of a shopping mall or something.   

       I could see something like this at a fair or outdoor event though. I'm thinking it would have to be constructed on the spot, then torn down and moved (or else made in a permanent installation where people would go to get such a shot done).
Caine, Jul 13 2008

       This is a brilliant idea.   

       A traffic circle could contain this.   

       I would like a few runs in the booth ... Picking up son (2yo) and holding him up in the air nose to nose, (matrix effect). He always giggles so much when I hold him up like that. It would be nice to see him so happy from so many angles.
MikeD, Jul 14 2008

       [land]: Working on it.
shapu, Jul 16 2008

       After catching a few highlights of last years Super Bowl, I could have sworn I saw a "Bullet Time" effect there. If you are really desperate to have your very own “Matrix Effect” record of yourself, you could try a mid-game strip. Although you will probably get arrested...   

       There would definitely be a market for this, but I feel the cost would outweigh the savings with current technology.   

silverstormer, Jul 16 2008


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